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Human Rights

Here is the unabridged and unedited text of an essay my 11 year old daughter wrote:

Human Rights Essay

If not now, when?

Please listen to my voice.  My voice, that is the one you are hearing right now.  One of the voices standing against discrimination.  If not now, when will discrimination stop?  Look at my own human rights.  No one can tell me what to do.  I believe in equal rights for everyone.  If not now, when will segregation end?  Asians are not different than Africans or Americans.  We are all equal.  I am no innocent person.  Neither am I guilty.  My rights are taken advantage of but I have taken advantages of other people’s rights.  Now I regret taking the advantage.  I do not want to hurt others.  Nor do I want to hurt myself.  Your words are my words; your thoughts are my thoughts.  We are all connected.  I can be your family, friend, and your enemy.  I can stand for but dislike you.  I can be your friend but make fun of you behind your back.  I could send rumors around.  But I choose not to.  My feelings are your feelings.  If I hurt you, I hurt myself.  Neither you nor I can hate without loving each other.  I can’t be anything, but I can be a believer.

Look at my ideas of non-discrimination.  You can see my ideas brewing.  My ideas proclaiming the possibilities of world peace and having everyone on top of the world for once.  With everyone grasping each other, hand in hand.  My dreams could become reality.  Even though reality is almost impossible to achieve.  Our idea of reality is not ideal.  We do not have world peace and we are holding up the main leaders who are at the top of the world.

Discriminating against others because of their skin color or religion is not ideal either.  We can’t judge others on the outside.  Our presidents have under looked the Africans and Asians.  The immigrants from these places are as much capable maybe even more capable than Americans (people who grew up here) with possessing their own rights.  Even women were discriminated against when we could not vote, own our own property, or even wear pants.  My past, present and future are leaning on the pillars of discrimination and friendship.

You need to look at my fears.  Use your other senses besides your eyes to read them, others, and me.  When you look at someone you just met, you don’t know what to think of them.  Just like a sheet of music which you have no idea how to read.  Then you hear the music it is supposed to be and find it quite pleasant.  Other people judge too quickly.  We are all different.  So in that sense, we are all the same.  Just as eligible for our own human rights.

Please help me save the world from destruction.  Our world will/is being destructed by hatred and unfair rights.  My world is your world.  Help keep this scale of equality in balance.

Colors do not matter.

The birthday calendar


Instructions are here

Quote for the day

Ghandi's seven sins:

1. Wealth without work
2.  Pleasure without conscience
3. Knowledge without character
4. Commerce without morality
5. Science without humility
6. Worship without sacrifice
7. Politics without principle

He's here!

Originally uploaded by Knittin Honey
Of course he had to have booties to match...

He is just adorable, named Dylan Kai


Here's me!


Here's a hat for my new not-yet-named nephew!

Dinner on Saturday

Boy was he yummy!  Pan fried in butter with a little carmelized onions and sour cream.

On a sad note, I brought my new sock yarn from Canada for our weekend camping trip but brought the wrong size of needles!!  I didn't have enough time to pack on Friday, so I ended up just starting a swatch.  Ack!

But here are two other FOs that were on the camera from this spring:

Booties for baby Lilli and Emily

Baby blanket and hat for baby Vivian

Panache sailor scarf

I know I know, its SPRING, but this bulky alpaca has been impossible to put down!!  Here is the first (well 80%) of two I plan to make:

Here is a bit more detail of the cable pattern:

It is from Viking Patterns for Knitting and its called a Lillbjars border. 


Works in progress

Here is an entrelac bag I am working on:

It will be felted when finished, and hopefully the white will felt enough to do some embroidery on.  I still haven't decided on what kind of straps use.

My other WIP are these socks:

They are for my 10 year old daughter, as long as she doesn't grow too much by the time I finish them!!  My last pair of socks I made with 2 circulars, and it was so fast!  I am knitting these on size 2, and only have dpns.  Her birthday is June 16, so I better not get distracted by my Canada yarn!

I think the turquoise silk will be next up on the needles,  I'm thinking a lacy shoulder wrap...